In an era of abundance and how to trade on exness overwhelming choice, customer relationships, not products, are the most important source of competitive differentiation. The good news is that customers really do want trusting and close relationships. They want these types of bonds because they reduce stress and help them adapt to a rapidly changing world.

Addicted Customers adds a new dimension to the rapidly growing field of Customer Experience Management (CEM). CEM practitioners typically place a heavy emphasis on making the selling environment more appealing—an essential first step . Addicted Customers lays out a psycho-economic framework to enhance these CEM pursuits, and spells out the business strategies to put these principles into action.

Most importantly, it provides a strategic platform to apply CEM to product/service consumption—the aspect of experiences that is critically important to customers. Loyalty accrues because customers value not just what the relationship has done for them but what the relationship can do for them in the future.

The implications of emotional and consumptive value are clear in the business-to-consumer sector, but the strategies are equally powerful in a business-to-business context.
How do you get customers hooked on your company?
The answer begins with the psychological principles that underlie compelling customer experiences.
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