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What Makes Customers Profitable, Loyal and Evangelists?

Addicted Customers: How to Get Them Hooked on Your Company, by John I. Todor, Ph.D.

Spells out the Psychological Principles that underlie compelling customer experiences that lead to strong customer relationships. And...

The Business Strategies to put these principles into action.

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John Todor discusses two critical customer issues: Building Customer Trust and Hidden Challenges to Customer Communications

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Why This Book Hits the Mark
Much has been written and discussed about building stronger customer relationships, especially in relation to trust and loyalty. But a huge component has been missing...until now.
Addicted Customers provides you with information you have seen nowhere else. Based on solid research in psychology, combined with real world methodologies, you will learn:
Do you feel you need to compete on price, convenience and incentives at the expense of customer relationships? The psychological principles in Addicted Customers will help keep your business strategies from working at cross-purposes that erode profits and loyalty.
Customer 2.0
This is new era. Customers will take low prices and convenience when offered, but they won't reward them with loyalty. Customers DO want trusting and close relationships because these types of bonds reduce stress and help them adapt to a rapidly changing world. BUT, these relationships don't happen by chance.
More than Customer Experience Management (CEM)

It's worth saying again. You won't see this information anywhere else. CEM practitioners place a heavy emphasis on making the selling environment more appealing. This is an essential first step. Addicted Customers goes to the next level. Its psycho-economic framework enables you to win customer mindshare.

It is not just theory. The book provides practical ways to put the principles into action. It also provides rich and diverse examples of companies that are doing so today, companies who are reaping the benefits.

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About the author

John I. Todor, Ph.D., uniquely combines two perspectives for developing win-win relationships beween companies and their customers. During his tenure as a professor and research scientist at the University of Michigan he investigated how people learn and make decisions. As a business owner, executive and consultant he has faced the realities of turning a profit. Addicted Customers is the outgrowth of over fifteen years of integrating the two perspectives into a methodology that delivers the experiences customers value along with sustainable profits and growth the companies.

He received his Ph.D. in Educational Psychology at the University of California at Berkeley and completed post-doctoral studies in cognitve science, clinical neuropsychology and marketing. He is co-director of the Customer Equity Initiative and the Managing Partner of The Whetstone Edge, LLC.


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Robert T. Stacey, CEO of the Association for the Advancement of Relationship Marketing interviews John I. Todor, Ph.D., on 2 critical topics:

Building Customer Trust

Hidden Challenges to Customer Communication

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"Addicted Customers led me to water... and it made me drink. John Todor uses clear and persuasive writing to really cut through the cookie cutter business writing 'how to' clutter and captures the essence of building true, long-term customer relationships.I think it should be on everyone's 'must read' list."
David Curran, CEO
ata Communique, International

"How do you move customers from indifference about your brand to an engaged purchasing experience? John Todor provides us with straightforward and powerful answers that are simple to grasp and easy to put into action. Addicted Customers isn't about simple brand affinity. It's a handbook for how to get customers hooked on your company's product."
Ron Tonini
CEO, Picture Marketing, Inc.
"Why do I believe this book is a valuable and unique? It makes a strong case for ways to escape the need to compete on price and convenience. It spells out what aspects of the customer experience lead to loyalty and commitment, and why. It points out that customers use two distinct buying personalities and that most businesses are focusing on the wrong one."
Robert T. Stacey, CEO
Association for the Advancement of
Relationship Marketing

More Praise for Addicted Customers

"John Todor has taken complicated psychological concepts and made them easy to understand. Then he shows you how to take advantage
of this new knowledge for the benefit of both your company and customers. Better hope your competition doesn't read this before
you do."

Joe Beaulaurier
Marketing Manager, PRWeb

"Addicted Customers should be required reading in every marketing and employee training program. It provides valuable information and examples about the buyer-seller relationship. The customer or client relationship is a universal concern whether the product is tangible or intangible. John Todor clearly articulates what it takes for the customer to enter into a committed relationship. Moreover, he show how businesses can make this happen."
Kenneth Lersten, Ed.D.,
Certified Financial Planner and Investment Consultant
A.G. Edwards

"If you only focus on your product, you will only create more features. If you focus on your customers, your will create more sales. This book connects the pieces you need to know about engaging customers in an era when thay are in control. Keep a notepad by your side. This book will inspire great ideas on how you can engage your customers during the buying experience."
Bill Flitter
VP Marketing and Founder, Pheedo, Inc.

Addicted Customers
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